Also known as the American bison, the iconic buffalo originated in Eurasia. It is now the largest “native” mammal in North America. Bison can tower upwards of 6 feet tall and 10 feet long, with an average weight of 1,000 to 1,500 pounds. The head and front quarter are massive, and both the male and female have curved horns with sharp points for fighting. The bison are especially valued for their hide and delicious meat, which is very healthy with lower fat and cholesterol than beef.

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Tennessee Sales Tax (9.75%) will be applied to all hunts.

AFTER A SUCCESSFUL HARVEST—Your kill is field dressed and hauled from the woods to our walk-in cooler by your professional guide. Meat processing and taxidermy service is available for your convenience at an additional fee.

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PAYMENT: We accept cash, company checks, travelers checks, money orders or credit cards (4% fee) for hunt balances. Personal checks are accepted for deposits only. PERSONAL CHECKS are NOT ACCEPTED for hunt balances.

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Dad and me had a great time. Killed a water buffalo with Doug, and Mrs. Mary spoiled us with her good food. Plan on coming back very soon. We wanted to move in; Caryonnah is awesome.

Sara Kirk

Doyle, Tennessee