Additional Information

  • 500 square inches of blaze orange clothing is recommended.
  • Kills are usually made at short range due to thick brush and heavy cover.
  • Methods of hunting are: stalking, putting hunters on stands, chasing with dogs, etc.
  • We do have Sunday Hunts.
  • Caryonah guest are welcome to fish at small private lakes, stocked with Bluegill and Bass, at no charge.
  • Meat processing and taxidermist services are available.
  • We serve two “Tennessee” home-cooked, all-you-can-eat meals per day.
  • We are located 80 miles west of Knoxville, 90 miles north of Chattanooga, and 100 miles east of Nashville.
  • A $200.00 deposit is required per hunter and will be subtracted from kill fee, therefore, will not be refunded and is non-transferable.
  • Rifle and archery ranges available.
  • Non-hunter rates are $100.00 per day for food and lodging. Hunters with no kill or photographers is $150.00 per day for food and lodging, guide and jeep.
  • Non-lodging hunters and companions who hunt and make no kill is $75.00 per day.
  • Suggested guns: 30-30, 30-06, 308, 270 and 44 Magnum, shotgun with rifle slugs, bows and muzzle loaders.
  • Archery hunters welcome…Traditional, Recurve, Compound and Crossbow.
  • All hunters must sign liability release at check-in.
  • Our antique gun collection is on display for your enjoyment.
  • Season open year-round.
  • Guides will provide field dressing and transport to our walk-in cooler.
  • Video cameras permitted in lodge area only. Not permitted on hunts.
  • The Southeast’s oldest and largest, family owned hunting lodge.
  • There is a pavilion with grill available for your use.
  • R.V. parking with electric and water hook-ups available. Space is limited.
  • Caryonah is a member of the NRA, NAHC and SCI.

PAYMENT: We accept cash, company checks, travelers checks, money orders or credit cards (3% fee) for hunt balances. Personal checks are accepted for deposits only. PERSONAL CHECKS are NOT ACCEPTED for hunt balances.

Legal Weapons in Tennessee

(Boar – Ram – Goat – Deer)

  • May be hunted with rifles or shotguns with slugs.
  • Rifles using rimfire ammunition or less than .24 caliber cannot be used.
  • Semi-automatics are allowed.
  • Handguns 357 caliber or larger.
  • Muzzle loaders, flint or percussion, 40 cal. minimum and 58 cal. maximum.
  • Bows.


  • Shotguns 20 gauge or larger, using No.2 shot or smaller.
  • Bows

Suggested Weapons

  • Guns: 30-30, 32 Special, 35, 30-06, 308, 270 and 44 Magnum, shotgun with rifled slugs.
  • Bows
  • Muzzle loaders

You will enjoy our antique gun collection.